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Here comes the pro version of the sensational Notification Bar Plugin. This new plugins allows you to do a lot more than what you may even have imagined with the Notification Bar Plugin. Here are some of the Cool Features to astonish you with its ability.

    • Fully Customized: This Notification Bar Pro plugin allows to customize each and every aspect of the notification bar, from colors to font size, from border to link button colors and many more. 
      Customize Notification Bar

      Customization Settings for Notification Bar

    • Extend Bar Feature: This new feature allows you to add a additional extra part to your notification bar which shows up when user clicks on show more. This way you can provide your user a lot more info than just one line. Allows you to add images, videos, signup forms or whatever html you want to put in there. Its just Awesome.
      Extended bar options for Notification Bar Pro

      Extended bar customization options for Notification Bar Pro


    • Create Multiple Notification Bars: We know you want to show some different info to the user depending on what section of website they are in and we have sorted this out for you in the NB-Pro. With this new plugin you can create multiple Notification Bars and can assign to any page/post you want. So its like a different notification bar for your electronics section and a whole different one for the clothes section targeting those specific users. 
      Create Multiple Notification Bars with NB -Pro

      Create Multiple Notification Bars with NB -Pro

    • Enable/Disable option: You can enable/disable  the Notification Bar for a particular post/page allowing you full control to choose from the available bars to use for that particular post/page.
      Enable/Disable NB right from the Post Backend

      Enable/Disable NB right from the Post Backend

    • Basic Settings for Notification Bar: You can set up the default Notification Bar you want to use and other Basic Settings
      Default Setting for Notification Bar Pro

      Default Setting for Notification Bar Pro

    • Social Icons: Notification Bar now has the social sharing options on the bar. All you need to do is just fill in your links for the social networks. 
    • Other Features:No Back link, this plugin is a great tool for marketers trying to highlight a product or their affiliate link to their readers.  And its just $21.
    • Here are some sample Notification Bars you can create. 
      sample notification bar_1

      sample notification bar_1

      sample notification bar 2

      sample notification bar 2

      sample notification bar 3- Normal

      sample notification bar 3- Normal

      sample notification bar 3 -Extended

      sample notification bar 3 -Extended

      sample notification bar 4 - Normal

      sample notification bar 4 - Normal

      sample notification bar 4 - Extended

      sample notification bar 4 - Extended



  1. Brian says:

    I purchased your notification bar pro and was wondering if I could make it responsive in the code. I am building a responsive website

  2. Ralf says:

    just bought the pro version. i really wonder how you made it work as menue bar like in your light blue demo?! With “Home” “About” “Gallary” That is exactly what i wish to have when i bought the pro version. I need it with red background and “Home”, “Über” “Galerie”, “Hier werben” buttons. I thought the “themes” of the demos would be included… unfortunately not. Can you help me out here? Would be great!

    thank you

  3. Sean B says:

    We’re very interested in this for a static footer bar. Can you set the default to be static with no close or collapse? Also our site will be responsive, looks like you got this question already but can the bar be set up for a responsive site?


    Notification Bar Pro plugin for WordPress by Wpfruits: Get one for you NOW!!! | WPFruits – A premier resource for wordpress help…

  5. John says:

    Repeating my email – just in case:

    Hi I am interested in buying your plugin. It looks good but I don’t know if it does what I want, so here goes:

    Can this be placed as either header/footer?

    Is it possible to have X notification bars, individually designed with logo/images, appearing sequentially at set intervals over a specific duration?

    Think of my idea in form of SLIDERS – I want your notification bar to become my website’s electronic billboard, so I’m looking at a different bar appearing every x seconds.

    For example, lets say I want to have 10 individually designed notification bars appear in the space of 60 seconds – that is, 6 seconds apart for each of them to appear and disappear for the next notification bar to take over.

    However, this is a continuous process for specific duration, let say 1 hour or 24 hours.

    I want the bar/stripe to be permanently fixed for all pages and though I think the extra down is fantastic idea – I’d be using the first line (title) mostly.

    Finally, for the notification bars to have (at the backend/admin section) the counts of people who actually clicked on each bar.

    Will it be possible to accomplish this?

    I hope my email is clear and not confusing…..I’m simple looking around for the guys with the niftiest ideas wrapped up in a single plugin.

    I’d love to hear from you and hope your plugin gives me the solution I need.



    Is the notification bar responsive?

  6. Alex says:


    can I use the Pro bar on more than one site or do I need to buy one license per site?

  7. so. I just want to show small image. Can i do it ?

  8. Rick says:

    For some reason the plug-in does not show on some of my buddy press pages. Is this a known issue?
    What do I do to fix it?

  9. Nan says:

    Having an issue with bar not showing the contact form choses, or opening at all when choosing default closed.
    Can you help?

  10. Akemi says:

    Una actividad fantastica! es la primera vez que
    visito su pagina y me asombro el analisis para hacer
    esta increible publicacion.

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