Like Dislike Counter Plugin for WordPress – Pro

Like Dislike Counter plugin for posts pages and comments

Engage your users with your content. Let them provide you a quick feedback about your content, whether they liked it or not.

This plugin is the pro version of the free plugin available in the market which is

By popular demands from our customers, who have used the free version, we came with a new & improved premium version of the notable plugin “Like- Dislike Counter” aka LDC. The new version of the plugin has more features, more styles and more of the premium support to spread the magic. The plugin comes with power-packed features to work with and below they are:

Like Dislike counter adds cool button to your posts, pages or comments. This particular plugins lets your users provide you a feedback whether they like or dislike your posts or they agree or disagree or whatever sense you may want it to use.

Here are some important features for the plugin

1. Its highly customizable. You can configure what text you want to display beyond the icons, you can define that for each type for posts, pages and comments.
2. It comes with 5 different set of icons to choose from. You can choose from the available 5 set of icons.
3. You don't need to know code to use this plugin. Just install the plugin. Make settings in the back-end and woof its there on your posts and pages and comments :)
4. Comes with a widget to show most liked posts or pages in the sidebar.
5. For advance users: Template code ready if you want to use it on your own way. Its for the users who know what they are doing.

This plugin gets your people get an idea of what people are liking and what not. This one is a must have plugin for bloggers.

Here is a look at the back-end for the plugin 

Settings for the appearance of the buttons

Choose from 5 Different cool styles for the like dislike icons

You can choose from 5 different icon sets available. Choose the one that matches the looks of your website. 

Make settings for the looks of plugin

Make setting for the look of the plugin

This Great Plugin allows you to choose where you want to display the like dislike counter. You have full control over it. You can enable disable it for: 

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Blog Page
  • Category Page
  • Tag Page
  • Author Page
  • Taxonomy Page
  • Date Archive

You can also define that text that you want to display next to the icon for posts, pages and comments respectively. 

Widget settings for Like Dislike Counter plugin for WordPress

LDC comes with a Widget

Like Dislike Counter Comes with a Widget to show the most liked or most disliked posts or pages. This way your reader will know what most of the people are reading and they will interact more with the content. 



  1. Tony says:

    This is my very first wordpress site and I know NOTHING about setting codes or fooling with ANYTHING where html is concerned.
    I saw the Heart symbols but I am more in favor of just a thumbs up for likes and thumbs down for dislikes and this is ONLY for the comments section and nowhere elese.
    Is this just a simple plugin or does it require fooling with codes?

    • wpfruits says:


      Yes its no code thing. Just install the plugin and select what you want to appear there may be a heart may be a thumbs up you can select that from the backend. Let me know if you have other queries.

  2. tony says:

    Okay, I’ll try it.

  3. sunbbon says:

    Can I get the Most Liked Posts with query_posts function?

  4. sunbbon says:

    Hi, I have purchased this PRO plugin.
    I want to get the Most Liked Posts with query_posts function on specific page.

    How to write the code for it?you can send the php code to my email.

    Thank you.

  5. sunbbon says:

    Hi, thanks for your hard working. But I need get the Most Liked Posts with query_posts function on specific page, and using page navigation. your code only get most liked posts All Time. I said”Can I get the Most Liked Posts with query_posts function?” in my first Reply of this post, So, give me the php code combined query_posts function.

    Or I can customize the period of time(Such as: 1 Day, 1Month.)in your function.

    Thank you.

  6. B says:

    Hello, does it work with wp supercache plugin? Also, it shows 0 likes for first comment on this page, but when I click on “Like” it shows 4. How come it doesn’t show 3?

  7. JW says:

    Hi, I’ve purchased the pro version, a great plugin – thanks a lot.

    I know it’s beyond a simple support answer, but along with the vote counts, I’d also like to show all logged in/wp users that liked/disliked (voted) on a post or comment. Kind of like how Facebook shows which people ‘liked’ something.

    I just wanted to get your advice on how you’d go about doing it.

    Thanks again.

  8. Iftekhar says:

    Is there any way to get the pro version free. In Bangladesh, I have no option for online transaction. Otherwise, $17 is not much for me.


  9. Allen Elks says:

    I installed the pro version of the Like and Dislike button and for some reason it doesn’t show on my main/blog page. It does show on all the other pages though.

    Allen Elks

    • nishant says:

      Hi Allen,

      Thank you for contacting us.
      Can you please check, you are using Reading settings for blog not blog template for this.

      If you are using theme Blog template, please use blog page from Reading setting to make the blog page.

      Please let us know.


  10. James says:


    Why the widgets there no thumbnails ?

    • nishant says:

      Hi James,

      Currently, The widget shows only Post title and its like/dislike count only.
      But, we will try to add thumbnail option in plugin widget next update.


  11. Jarda says:

    Can I see number of likes/dislikes in the admin?

    • nishant says:


      Unfortunately, currently there is no option in plugin to see post/page like/dislike counts in admin section.
      But we’ll try to add this functionality in plugin next update.


  12. bob says:

    Like/Dislike works great – the only issue i’m having is the alignment with the button background (see site). Please advise

    • nishant says:

      Hi Bob,

      We have checked your site.
      To fix this please add the given CSS (below) in your theme style.css file.

      .ldc-ul_cont img {

      Hope it would be helpful to you.
      Please let us know.


  13. Dennis says:

    I want to sort my blog posts according to their votes.

    i have “Advanced post type order” installed so the easiest way would be to get a custom field that holds the Like value of each post.

    Is there any way to create this? (i am not a coder)

    • nishant says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Actually, post like dislike counts stores in like dislike counter table not in post custom fields.
      So, for this you will have to look over the like dislike plugin database table.


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