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Bored with traditional Slider??? 


Try this an awesome Parallax Slider. Cool plugin plugin to add a parallax effect to your web page. One click install and quick backend settings make it easy to use for you. 

Click here to download the plugin

Click here to download the plugin


  1. Easy to use: Just select the category you want to display and it will start working for you
  2. Ready-made Templates: PX Slider comes with 4 ready-made templates for you to choose from.
  3. Create your own template: If you want to do something creative yourself you can create your own template by just uploading the three layers of images and you are ready with your new template.
  4. Template Code/Short Code Ready: PXslider can be inserted anywhere on the page just use the Shortcode or if you want to insert it inside a page template you can use the template code too.
  5. Last but not the least Its FREEEEEEE

Click here to download the plugin

How to use

Upload the pxslider folder to your wp-plugins directory.

Go to Plugins.

Activate the PX slider Plugin

In the left Sidebar click on PXslider

Make settings for slider how to use

Use the [pxslider] shortcode inside the wordpress post editor or use the <?php if(function_exists('pxslider')) { pxslider(); } ?>  template Code inside the page template

You are up are running now. Do share your feedback with us for the plugin.
Click here to download the plugin


  1. Cool slider on posts all right
    the command

    copied into Header.php ot Sidebar.php is not working properly any suggestions waht might be wrong ?

    best regards

  2. Anik says:

    Nice work with the slider. I will definitely try it in our site. Thanks.

  3. nevchy says:

    is stored in the header.php of
    but it does not show any slider
    in the first post it is working correctly witj [pxslider]

    • wpfruits says:


      It should work just replace the single quotes in the function with the new ones. Actually when you copy it from the site it takes the font based quotes which are not recognised by the code so use. Just replace the single quote with ones and it will work.

      Let me know if you still face the issue.

  4. Wensley says:

    is not workin for me in header 🙁

  5. Michel says:

    The images does not load. It keeps saying Loading images… I have replaced the quotes but still the images does not appear. When I try to place the [pxslider] in a post than the text Loading images appears with beneath it some css code.

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  7. Grace says:

    Hi, great plugin, is there a way to have multiple sliders on the same website with different images on each slider? Not all of the code is in the plugin editor I think.

    • nishant says:

      Hi Grace,

      Unfortunately, there is no way to have multiple sliders on the same website with different images on each slider.


  8. ricardo says:

    hi can you tell me how do i add the stop on mouse over and mouse leave


    • Megha says:


      You can do this with the help of jQuery.

      To do this, you have to add event (mouseover and mouseout) over the slider div.

      After that you have to stop the slider interval at the mouseover event and start the slider interval at the mouseout.

      Hope it would be helpful to you.

      • ricardo says:

        thanks, but im not an expert on jquery do you have the code for this??

        • Nishant says:


          Please replace pxslider.js file whole code with the new given code (below)..

          Hope it would be helpful to you.

          (function(e){e.fn.pxSlider=function(i){var s=e.extend({},e.fn.pxSlider.defaults,i);return this.each(function(){var i=e(this),o=e.meta?e.extend({},s,i.data()):s;var u=e(".pxs_slider",i),a=u.children(),f=a.length,l=e(".pxs_next",i),c=e(".pxs_prev",i),h=e(".pxs_bg1",i),p=e(".pxs_bg2",i),d=e(".pxs_bg3",i),v=0,m=e(".pxs_thumbnails",i),g=m.children(),y,b=e(".pxs_loading",i),w=e(".pxs_slider_wrapper",i);var E=0,S=w.find("img");S.each(function(){var i=e(this);e("").load(function(){++E;if(E==f*2){b.hide();w.show();var i=u.find("img:first").width();r(u,a,f,h,p,d,i,l,c);m.css({width:i+"px","margin-left":-i/2+"px"});var s=i/(f+1);g.each(function(t){var n=e(this);var r=s*(t+1)-n.width()/2;n.css("left",r+"px");if(o.thumbRotation){var i=Math.floor(Math.random()*41)-20;n.addClass("pxs_rotate");n.css({"-moz-transform":"rotate("+i+"deg)","-webkit-transform":"rotate("+i+"deg)",transform:"rotate("+i+"deg)"})}n.bind("mouseenter",function(){e(this).stop(true,true).animate({top:"-10px"},100)}).bind("mouseleave",function(){e(this).stop(true,true).animate({top:"0px"},100)})});n(g.eq(0));l.bind("click",function(){++v;if(v>=f)if(o.circular)v=0;else{--v;return false}n(g.eq(v));if(o.auto)clearInterval(y);t(v,u,d,p,h,o.speed,o.easing,o.easingBg);S()});c.bind("click",function(){--v;if(v<0)if(o.circular)v=f-1;else{++v;return false}n(g.eq(v));if(o.auto)clearInterval(y);t(v,u,d,p,h,o.speed,o.easing,o.easingBg);S()});g.bind("click",function(){var r=e(this);n(r);if(o.auto)clearInterval(y);v=r.index();t(v,u,d,p,h,o.speed,o.easing,o.easingBg);S()});var S=function(){if(o.auto!=0){o.circular=true;y=setInterval(function(){l.trigger("click")},o.auto)}};S();e(window).resize(function(){w_w=e("#px_slider").width();r(u,a,f,h,p,d,i,l,c);t(v,u,d,p,h,1,o.easing,o.easingBg)});u.hover(function(){clearInterval(y)},function(){S()})}}).error(function(){}).attr("src",i.attr("src"))})})};var t=function(t,n,r,i,s,o,u,a){w_w=e("#px_slider").width();var f=parseInt(-w_w*t);n.stop().animate({left:f+"px"},o,u);r.stop().animate({left:f/2+"px"},o,a);i.stop().animate({left:f/4+"px"},o,a);s.stop().animate({left:f/8+"px"},o,a)};var n=function(e){e.siblings().removeClass("selected");e.addClass("selected")};var r=function(t,n,r,i,s,o,u,a,f){w_w=e("#px_slider").width();var l=w_w*r;t.width(l+"px");n.width(w_w+"px");i.width(l+"px");s.width(l+"px");o.width(l+"px");var c=w_w/2-u/2+1;a.css("right",c+"px");f.css("left",c+"px")};e.fn.pxSlider.defaults={auto:0,speed:1e3,easing:"jswing",easingBg:"jswing",circular:true,thumbRotation:true}})(jQuery)


          • mrda says:

            I noticed that this script is slightly different than the one you can download from here. and it wont work for me. anyway I also need stop on mouseover So i created new function (based on this old script) to stop on hover. Im not sure if I can post code here but here is example – http://wordpress.transformnews.com/code-snippets/how-to-pxslider-stop-on-mouse-over-124

          • nishant says:


            Thank you for your solution.
            We will try to add your function in plugin next update.


          • mrda says:

            Ok, nice, tnx. I would also suggest to make thumbnails non transparent on mouse over. This is just css fix, I added the code on the page above
            I also added excerpt text beside title.
            Hope that’s ok with you, by the way I really like your plugin

            Sorry I put the same other comment on the wrong place bellow so yo can delete it

          • nishant says:

            Hi mrda,

            Thanks for thumbnail hover fix and excerpt suggestion.

            We’ll try to add all of your suggestions and fixes in plugin next update.


  9. Max says:

    Hi there,
    first, many thanks for this great plugin.

    My problem is, I need to use multiple sliders. My website is a graphic design portfolio and I need a different slider for each article, to show the relevant pictures… Any way to do that ?


  10. Ryan says:

    Hello! I’m loving the slider so far. A couple things.

    1) Is there a way to eliminate the border around the entire slider? I added custom background images with .png because I wanted to create a cool effect but there is still a slight frame around it.

    2) Is there a way to adjust the size of the entire slider? Some of the sliding area that presents the post is cut off because my page isn’t full width.

    3) Lastly, the slider doesn’t seem to be responsive for mobile. It smooshes the slider into a verticle display.

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