Presenting you the very effective notification bar plugin which add a attracting bar to the top of your website to highlight some specific news  you want to convey to your users.

Notification Bar plugin comes with 5 color options each for the link button and the bar.

Please download the plugin here.  Click Here to Download the Notification Bar Plugin


Special Features

  • 5 Different color options to choose from.
  • Hides autmatically after 7 seconds.
  • 5 Different color options for the link button.
  • Convert more users to the page you want to get them to.
  • And last but not the least. Its FREE!!!


How to use the plugin.

  • Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your wordpress installation.
  • Activate the plugin. 
  • You will see an option at the left bottom of the wordpress options in the left sidebar.
  • Click on it to set the options
  • Get going.....


Please download the plugin here.  Click Here to Download the Notification Bar Plugin

Here is an image to show how the backend looks like.

Notification Bar WordPress Plugin



Please use it and let us know how you liked it.


Please download the plugin here.  Click Here to Download the Notification Bar Plugin


  • Here are some sample Notification Bars you can create using the pro version of the notification Bar. Click on them to see the live demo for them. 
    sample notification bar_1

    sample notification bar_1

    sample notification bar 2

    sample notification bar 2

    sample notification bar 3- Normal

    sample notification bar 3- Normal

    sample notification bar 3 -Extended

    sample notification bar 3 -Extended

    sample notification bar 4 - Normal

    sample notification bar 4 - Normal

    sample notification bar 4 - Extended

    sample notification bar 4 - Extended


 Please let us know where you are using this plugin so that we will be able to promote your website on ours.



  1. Ralf says:

    Dear sirs,
    nice plugin but unfortunately it doesn’t work right on my site. You ca see it for a few seconds, then it fades away and ther is no chance to get it back like on your side with the drop down arrow. There is no drop down arrow visible on my side. Any hints?

    Thank you very much!

  2. Howard says:

    Same problem as Ralf with the dropdown arrow visibility when announcement is collapsed. Plus it covers the wp-admin bar when logged in. When the announcement bar is collapsed and user is logged in, the wp-admin bar menu is not clickable.

    Site is localhost only right now. WP version 3.4.1

    • wpfruits says:

      yes we do have a problm with theadmkn bar in the frontend.please disable the admin bar and let us know if you face the problem.

      • Howard says:

        Disabled wp-admin bar in user profile. Down arrow still not visible and admin menu gone.

        Enabled admin bar again and it will not display. Deactivated notification bar and still no admin bar.

        Am deleting plugin and opting for ninja announcements.


        • wpfruits says:

          HI Howard,

          Can you please provide me the name of the theme you are using. Because I have tested the plugin out with different themes and different versions but I am not able to duplicate the issue. Also if you can tell what browser you using.


  3. Thom says:

    This works GREAT and is a wonderful solution to a top bar for information and sales of products. Easy to use and WORKS – doesn’t get any better! Thanks Developer!!

  4. Monique says:

    Hello, thank you for developing this plug-in; unfortunately I have the same issues as the gentlemen before me (no down arrow visible, etc). I am using WP version 3.4.1, template Striking by Kaptinlin Version
    Hope you can help!

    • wpfruits says:


      Thanks for all your help. I have updated the plugin and have tested it out with your Theme. Please download the latest version and please let me know if that works fine for you.


  5. Jacques says:

    Could it be that the whole issue with the arrow is that it is black on the dark blue default background, not invisible indeed but very very hardly visible?

    • wpfruits says:

      HI Jacques,

      I have been trying to open your website to check the issue. But it seem to take a lot of time to load.

      What is the url that you are using it at?

  6. Thanks for the plugin, but I am not sure if we can use it for multiple notification.

  7. Leslie Posey says:

    Works fine on my site
    I have windows server 2012
    nice plugin thanks post on my site
    join if you want

  8. Andrew says:

    Is it possible to change the amount of time before it automatically hides from 7 seconds to something else? 30 seconds? Or never hide?


  9. Hi WPfruits, I like your notification bar, but unfortunately it covers halfway over my top menu in Responsive theme. Is this fixable so I don’t have to choose between the notification bar and the top menu? Thanks.

    • wpfruits says:

      HI Aaron,

      can you please download the latest version. As it seems that its not working at it should and seems like you are using the old version of the plugin. Normally the Notification bar pushes everything down but in this case its not. Can you confirm that you are using the latest version.


    • wpfruits says:

      I just noticed your site doesn’t seem to load JQuery file, any clue why??

  10. I have no idea why. And the plugin is version 1.0.7. Is this not the latest? I don’t know what to do and honestly have no idea what jquery is. Anyway, thanks for your quite response. I appreciate that. And if you have any more ideas, it would be nice to figure this out.

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  12. Robert Trump says:

    I have installed and activated the plugin, but no notification bar is visible.

    Do I need to add some php code in the wordpress templates to activate it, as I cannot work out why its not visible?

  13. Robert Trump says:

    Sorry, I have the cache plugin left on. All good now.

    Just one however however on how to add the feedback from in the notification bar. Is it don ethrough the settings of the plugin, or do you build it externally in html and add it in?

  14. Kesha says:

    Just purchased the Notification Bar for my site I absolutely love it. One issue though: when I activate a bar on an individual post, it appears on my homepage as well. I don’t want any bars on my homepage at all. Hoping you can shed some light. Thanks in advance.

  15. Bertrand says:

    Pretty cool implementation, I really like the optin form feature on the Pro version.

    Nicely done!

  16. Yosniel says:

    Downloaded the Sticky Notification Bar to test it out, but someone when the bar is activated, I can’t move anything around or click on anything in my “Widgets” folder.

    I tested it, deactivated the plugin, reloaded the page, and I was able to move around widgets.

    Then I activated the notification widget, reloaded the widgets page again, and I was not able to move anything in my “Widgets” page.

    Someone, the Sticky Notification Bar is altering something that is preventing me to access certain options on my site.

    Any thoughts?

  17. David says:

    When bar is activated it screws up the menu widgets in the footer. Instead of links being listed 1 per line they show up now as multiple links per line. I am using Catalyst/Dynamik theme.

  18. nishant says:


    It would be better for us if you could raise a ticket regarding your issues on SketchThemes with WP admin & FTP details to have close look over the your issues.

    Please let us know asap.


  19. David says:

    Hi Nishant,

    I opened up ticket ID #704



  20. James Clark says:


    Great plugin. Can you disable the bar on certain pages?

    Is there a simple display:none code I could use?



  21. Carlijn says:

    This plugin isn’t working. I just don’t see the sidebar when i activated it. I use a theme a made in Artisteer.. Hope you can help!

  22. Dan says:

    Hey great plug in, Now i was wondering how to make the sticky bar show as soon as u load the page not only when you scroll.

    • nishant says:

      Hi Dan,

      Unfortunately, this is not possible with the plugin current version.
      To do this, you will need to make customization over the plugin files.


  23. Love your bar but I have two questions:
    1) is there way without coding as I don’t know how, to delete the little black boxes that appear after the pages names?

    2) i can’t seem to adjust the pixels to get the search bar to show. Any guidance?


    • nishant says:

      Hi Marilyn Lesniak,

      Can you please know us that which plugin you are using “Notification Bar” or “Sticky Notification Bar“.
      Please let us know.


  24. Brian Dollin says:

    I have the Pro notification bar and all is good except when I see it on my smartphone. It overlaps a large part of my header and logo. Is there a solution for this?

    • nishant says:

      Hi Brian Dollin,

      Can you please provide us your site URL to have a close look over the your issue.
      Please let us know.


      • Brian says:

        I am under construction so please excuse the mess.
        Thanks for your help. The notification bar is on the home page of

        • nishant says:

          Hi Brian,

          We have checked your site.
          Currently, there is no solution for this except plugin customization.
          Please let us know.


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