WP Sectionizer Plugin

WP Sectionizer Plugin is a cool concept to reach to the desired sections of the page to read the content of your requirement or interest.whenever user click any particular section name, it takes to that section’s content, it saves your time of scrolling through the whole page, searching for any particular text content.

It saves you from all the overheads of Inserting text content when you have to manage text content in bulk such as for reviews, creating blog pages, write […]


Sticky Notification Bar for WordPress

Sticky Notification Bar is a cool concept of showing a cool bar on top when the user scrolls down your page so that he come back to stop or use the navigation or show a constant message that you want to convey to your users.

Adds a cool sticky bar to your web page which only shows when the user scrolls.
You can control when it should show up like after how many pixels of scroll it should show up.
Show social share […]


Google Map lightbox Popup wordpress plugin

With all the wordpress websites trying to show up a contact address to their users. We present you the google map lightbox popup wordpress plugin.


Google Map Popup plugin allows you to add a google map popup image which on click pops up the google map for your business or the address that you want to portray.

This is what it will show you. You can click on the image to show the popup



Compare bar / Before After WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to add cool comparison bars and use them on your web page to show the creativity or anything you may want to show up.

This Plugin allows you to create different comparison or before/after blocks that you can either use for doctors to show before and after effects of a surgery or you may want to show an upcoming match between two teams or two individuals.
– Adds a cool block to your page.
– You […]


Multi Plugin Installer

This great plugin allows you to install multiple plugins at a time rather than going through a process of searching, installing and activating multiple plugins. All you need to do it put the names/url/path-to-zip of the plugin the text box and press install button and all those plugins will be installed for you.

Click here to Download the plugin Multi Plugin Installer  Or try the Pro version here

This plugin all allows you to install multiple plugins from your local […]


PX Slider WordPress Plugin

Bored with traditional Slider??? 


Try this an awesome Parallax Slider. Cool plugin plugin to add a parallax effect to your web page. One click install and quick backend settings make it easy to use for you. 

Click here to download the plugin

Click here to download the plugin


Easy to use: Just select the category you want to display and it will start working for you
Ready-made Templates: PX Slider comes with 4 ready-made templates for you to choose from.
Create your own […]


Full Page/ Full Width Background Slider Plugin for WordPress

After the big success of the Notification Bar Plugin. We present you with another great plugin that allows you to add full page background slider to your website with a lots of custom features.

Watch How to use the Full Page/ Full Width Background Slider Plugin

Special Features

Adds full page slider to use to your website.
You can add up to 6 images to the slider.
You can add single full page background image to your site.
You can add different slider to different pages […]


Notification Bar Plugin

Presenting you the very effective notification bar plugin which add a attracting bar to the top of your website to highlight some specific news  you want to convey to your users.

Notification Bar plugin comes with 5 color options each for the link button and the bar.

Please download the plugin here.  Click Here to Download the Notification Bar Plugin


Special Features

5 Different color options to choose from.
Hides autmatically after 7 seconds.
5 Different color options for the link button.
Convert more users to the […]


WP Like Dislike counter Plugin

Recently working on a wordpress project, my client wanted a like dislike counter on their post and pages and comments. I tried to search wordpress site for one but couldnt fine a simple suitable plugin so we created a simple like Dislike counter plugin for posts, pages and comments.

How To Use the Plugin

Like Unlike Counter for post and comments.

Please upload the plugin to the plugins directory.

This plugin will not automatically added to your theme.You need to add php lines manually.Here […]


WP Simple Html Slider Plugin

This is a simple html slider we have created to slide any html content you put in the slide.  Here is a image to tell you about how to use the plugin. In settings tabs you will get an option name simple html slider. Click on it and you will see something like below image.

Have  a look at the image and Here is the output for the settings we have made in the image.


This is a simple text slide



Responsive Social Sidebar Share Plugin

This is a very basic plugin that will add a floating social sidebar to your posts/pages which is responsive for smaller resolutions.

== Description ==
This plugin will add a sidebar to your post/page which will float with the content making it easier for people to share it or like it whenever they feel like doing so. This

social bar is responsive in nature and it comes under the title by defaults for smaller resolutions where it cannot fit […]


WPHits Counter

Please Download the plugin from here.Click here to download the

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